Welcome to the Watsonville Institute of Cosmetology website! The outstanding training we offer here you will be able to use whether you are interested in becoming a licensed cosmetologist, nail tech, esthetician, or cosmetology instructor, we truly believe you will love your new career and the opportunities that await you.   We feel confident that Watsonville Institute of  Cosmetology  can best help you reach your personal and professional goals. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of education we offer and the success of our graduates will have  in their careers there after . For details on our  courses, schedule and offering, please look at our web site or contact the school. We welcome all  students and are pleased to offer these students the same instruction in Spanish.

               Watsonville Institute of Cosmetology has a physical facility offering spacious class and training areas, modern training equipment, individual lockers, student kitchen and break room, and all the conveniences for the comfort conducive to the pleasant attainment of knowledge. The curriculum and training plan is a coordinated program enhanced through regular staff meetings and continued education. Training procedures are continuously updated. All new scientific and trend developments are quickly incorporated in the curriculum.