• Test is given on each unit of study. Students will work together on projects of individually. Students must have their own kit to be able to perform their practical work. Students will be able to purchase their Cosmetology kits through the instructor. Students having their own kits are encouraged to take their kits home on the weekends for further practicing.  It is necessary that students study their theory intensively. Students will not advance into the next level if the following are not met:

  • Disruptive behavior (fighting, attendance)

  • Lacking hours

  • Constant Referrals

  • Not Participating in class or program activities

Student must make at least a 70% for semester grade. Please be aware that not all students will advance so it is imperative that a student make at least a 70% or prepare to be removed from class.



  • 60%  Daily Grades (Includes Participation, Attendance, Projects, Daily Assignments)

  • 40%  assesment (Includes Weekly Quizzes, Written Tests, Semester Exam)



See student handbook for Attendance Policy

See student handbook for Student Code of Conduct

See your instructor for further questions



  • Students will show respectful behavior towards teacher and classmates at all times. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. (Taking out in the class or talking when others are talking.)

  • Appearance must be neat and clean and becoming to someone in the beauty industry. You must wear cosmetology uniform at all time during the school time. (Black and White ONLY) No logos or any type of writing. Ladies must not wear Tank tops. Short skirts, shorts or any provocative clothing.

  • Need available each day: notebooks, pencils and a good attitude.

  • NO FOOD OR DRINKS in the cosmetology lab or reception area.

  • NO CHEWING GUM at any time. (Mints are acceptable)

  • Do not enter teacher’s office without permission or invitation.

  • Telephone is for business use only and emergency situations upon the teachers consent. (Cell phones must be turned off or in vibration mode)

  • No bad language will be tolerated in the classroom.

  • Personal marks on the neck (hickies) are discouraged, and if detected students WILL be asked to cover it with a band-aid during class time.

  • Remember to clock in and out everyday.

  • STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE for the contents of their own kits. No borrowing of school supplies for home use. This is viewed as stealing.

  • Notify teacher by 8am on day of absence or a day before if you know you will be absent. ( 831 227-7162)

  • Each day lab stations and chairs must sanitized. Floor at station must be swept. All assigned duties must be completed each day. Class will be dismissed when the lab is clean.

  • Student must wear proper CLOSED SHOES. No flip-flops or sandals.